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Slot roulette is one of the versions of the game automatic devices that is basically intended for game halls and bars.
The advantage of an slot roulette is first of all in the absence of the croupier. As well as on any roulette, in an slot roulette there is a game wheel, a game field and certainly a ball that is automatically shooted by a pneumosupercharger. Many people prefer slot roulette; first of all because there is no croupier, i.e. the possibility of the work of so called "mechanics" croupiers is accepted. The slot roulette supports absolutely all kinds of bets which are in the simple roulette, accordingly to the same payments coefficient. Time for putting bets is fixed, and you can do bets when a ball is already entered into game and turns on a game wheel. It is not necessary to do bets on every spin; it is possible to pass a several spins collecting the statistics and to start game later. Bets are done by pressing touch keys numbers of a game field or on their combination (Street, syncline, etc.).

Features of an slot roulette

As well as any game automatic device, an slot roulette is a computer by its features on the basis of any operating system.
The manager, who is usually the owner of a gaming hall, can adjust a of parameters about which players certainly do not even suspect. Usually those aret:
- Speed of a ball shooting
- Speed of rotation of a drum of a game wheel
- Speed of a wheel on which it is possible to drop a ball in a game.
- Speed of generating of event "there are no bets"
- Well and certainly it is possible to adjust the percent of players' prizes in any game automatic device, usually it varies from 75 up to 96 %.
You can add money to the account in an slot roulette with the help of cash device which takes paper money and transfers it to your account. Your account can also be filled up by the on duty manager of a game hall with the help of a special key. Payment of prizes (cashing out of money), is made also by the manager, by the way of resetting your account and delivery of cash. In any case the slot roulette is a good alternative to usual one, which is in offline casino, with the difference of not having an ''alive'' croupier and there is no the atmosphere of a casino, and it is not necessary to wear a suit with a tie.

And if you have chosen an slot roulette as an alternative than good luck and less zero on the chances!

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