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The amount of game at slot machines in the country grows in a geometrical progression. Only for the last half-year the amount of slot machines doubled. You can play in the underground, hairdressing saloons, greengroceries, public toilets, and baths. The whole networks of gambling halls have appeared ("Jackpot", "Volcano", etc.), and bets have decreased to 50 kopecks. Experts speak about new illness - gaming mania which is to a narcotism.

Game with a loop on a neck
...: People who gamble a lot lose not only money, but a health also:

I was acquainted with the typical patient - a gaming addict in one of Moscow's clinics. Boris . started to play, when slot machines only have appeared in Russia. During last years he easily lost "at one go" on 100,000 rubles and more. All valuables are taken away from an apartment, the family has nothing to eat and hides somewhere in a different place. Boris has run into debt to his business partners tens of thousands of dollars. He has moved to Moscow from other city in which he is searched by same "creditors". Doctors manage to keep him from a suicide yet, and not to come into game halls, Boris makes routes of their detour or goes in the city with somebody from relatives.
- Among patients of the psychiatric and narco centers playing on slot machines becomes more and more, - has confirmed to "News" Professor Alexander Hoffmann, the head of clinic of mental frustration of scientific research institute of psychiatry of Ministry of Health of Russia. - The problem of these people is in that they all perfectly understand, but can do nothing with themselves. They know that they will lose but they pull to the slot machines again and again. Arcady ., the patient of other clinic, has told me how he has left his wife and children on Sunday in a shop to change currency and has returned at 7 in the morning, having lost more than $10000 when he has been already searched with militia and all over the mortuaries.
- Our people appeared not to be ready to a meeting with the one-armed bandit" though they heard not for once how gaming addicts end up. Let's recollect "Player" by Dostoevsky, - Alexey Magalif , the head physician of clinic of psychological adaptation says. - In Russia everyone knows how many he can drink and what will happen to him after this, but does not know what danger is carried with the playing slot machines, innocent with a kind an entertainment allowing " to relax, remove a pressure and to find out a degree of own luck ". And without immunity it is especially easy "to become addictive". In the West not one generation has grown with slot machines
- Our people one of the most hazardous in the world, the experts consider therefore on practically everyone can become addictive with playing slot machines. The best protection - not try at all. Children and teenagers, people of extreme trades and those who are connected with cash can be addicted especially easily with slot machines (that kind where you can pick up soft toys with a crane and that suggests to compete for a prize).

Loss of the control
Experts consider that a game addict is similar to the drug addict and passes the same way. At first he simply likes to tickle his nerves, having admitted adrenaline ", but he controls a "doze". Then there is a loss of doze control and there is a pathological dependence: the player enters in a line of regular use when it is already impossible to finish a day without game. Game addiction is a kind of narcotisism in its hard social form. But thus people do not sympathize to such addicted people and society hasn't learnt to help yet and doesn't want to help such people. If narcotisim or alcoholism is recognized as an illness by us (there are different institutions, hospitals, rehabilitation centers) then game addiction is considered to be every day dissoluteness which person can conduct by himself.
Lineation, misunderstandings push these people to a suicide. From the moment when slot machines only have appeared in Russia, these people passed a way of test of " easy drugs " and now they are seriously ill patients, as slot machines are improved and become constantly more accessible. Earlier it was difficult to lose even $500 in a day , - Boris recollects, - the bets were of 6 rubles. Now the maximum you put is 90 "coins" on 2 rubles and you lose 1000 roubles in a minute . It is even easier to lose the huge sums with 50 kopecks . It is precisely thought over system.

Alexander Hoffmann considers:
- Occurrence of a plenty of new victims is promoted also by change of vital priorities. Money, entertainments, easy money, freebie became main priorities in the lifes of many people. And all this is encouraged, supported with advertising: Cut, Send, Get ", " I have won! ". On an advertising poster of a Jackpot game system the animated slot machines complains: it is necessary to give away too much. System though warns, that " the excessive hobby for game can negatively affect completeness of your purse ", but informs nothing about how you can end up. According to advertising, success waits for the player in other system also - "Volcano", in which there are 4000 slot machines only across Moscow with one hundred various games and 50 kopecks of the minimal bets are involved. Thus our game halls are placed everywhere in a difference from other civilized countries. It is possible to come there at any time, in any clothes, to any person, with any amount of money, though for a minute".
I would like to stop playing but slot machines are at every corner nowadays. You will pass by six gaming halls but you will finally turn into seventh and will leave all your money there, Boris complains,- Those who got addicted to slot machines won't be able to give them up easily, I know that it by myself and others.
It is impossible to be coded from slot machines, and a unique way to cure addictives is to destroy all devices or not to allow to play on money that is impossible, so it is necessary at least to allow to play in the strictly allocated zone for entertainments.
As i have understood my interlocutors have big doubts about ethics of this and that licensing of a gaming is entrusted to State Committee of Sports. Sports should survive. And licencing, as sports functionaries admit, is accompanied by big "donations" from the part of a gaming.

These are not jokes
According to the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection of Russia, by the end of 1998 there were hardly more than 800 game halls in the country (12,5 thousand slot machines), in 2000 their number has exceeded 2100 (32 thousand slot machines), and by a summer of 2001 35 thousand slot machines have been officially established in the country. There are only more than 60 thousand of gaming institutions in Russia nowadays. Halls with slot machines are more than 60 % of all them. The greatest amount of slot machines is in Moscow and Saint Petersburg: about 65 % of all registered slot machines in Russia are in these two cities . Other most playing "slot machines" regions are - the Stavropol and Krasnodar territories, Rostov, The Nizhniy Novgorod, Volgograd, Sverdlovsk, Perm and Novosibirsk areas, Udmurtiya, Tatarstan. It is officially established over 25 thousand slot machines in Moscow. Depending on how they are advanced they cost from $400 up to 8000 and the most successful bring for day of operation more than $3000. By different estimations, there are 2 million slot machines players in the capital. About 10 %, of them are seriously addicted and the potential patient of clinic is every third player. In France where slot machines were under an interdiction for a long time, the proceeds of a casino make 6 billion francs, 85 % of it falls on one-armed bandits ".
Under the federal law the USA 90 % of the profit of a gaming should be returned to the players in a form of prizes. It is strictly watched by at least two commissions: federal and the state. Any player can look at the actives of the company - owner, the certificate of the device adjustment and the description of work of programs of the concrete slot machines. In 2000 slot machines have provided to treasury of state Nevada $15 milliards as taxes: ten percent of incomes of a gaming are enough for Las Vegas and Atlantic City to be prospered.

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