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Roulette - prognosis of a result

Roulette - prognosis of a result.

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Roulette - prognosis of a result

Probably one of the most interesting things at consideration of game of roulette is a prediction of the result of rotation of a roulette wheel.
Most of all conjectures, legends and theories are devoted to a question " Whether it is possible to guess where a ball will stop? "
Usually "theorists" recollect their favorite probabilities and an idiom " a ball has no memory ". Probability of drop out of one number is 1/37, of one split is 2/37...of simple chance is 18/37. All these fractions are transferred in percents, and then a saying goes " It is possible to win a roulette only by having stolen a chesspiece from a croupier".

It is necessary to notice that if under expression " to win in a roulette " a swindling is meant then it is better not steal a chesspiece, but to put it on the winning field after a stop of a ball and to receive a prize. Or to get in trouble from security service of a casino. The last more is more probably.

So is it possible to predict where the ball will stop?
The case is hopeless. Is it so? No, not so. For years of existence of roulette inventive players have invented various ways of struggle with a case. Roulette table as any other mechanic device, can have defects or get them eventually. Because of this defect some numbers or groups of numbers can drop out more often, than it is necessary under the theory of probability. Such phenomenon is called Biased Wheel.

No one knows why such a behavior of a wheel is named a defect. For the player, it is more likely a gift of destiny.

The example of use of such " a gift of destiny " is described by Jack London in one of stories about Smoke and the Kid. English mechanic Jaggers which has won 250 thousand dollars in Monte Carlo in XIX century also used this. He found " Happy wheels ", and his team went and won on them. At the end of the 40th of the last century Al Hibbs and Roy Walford, two students of college, won 25 thousand dollars in Reno (USA). In 80th Billy Walters has cleaned a casino in Atlantic City on 4 million (!!!) dollars. Billy had a big team of players (counters) who were watching casino games over a long period of time trying to discover " happy wheels ". They wrote down sets of the spins to define " happy numbers ". But the equipment of a casino was improved, control was improved and happy wheels " disappeared. The casinos find curve wheels and eliminate defects or replace them. So owners of casinos declare. But technologies were improved not only in a casinos. Edward O.Thorp and Claude Shannon have developed a way how to define a trajectory of a ball with the help of computer. Using two points of a ball position and timing, it is possible to calculate sector in which the ball will stop with high probability. But their experiments had not left laboratory.

In 80th Scott Lang and Gil Sted used a similar method of game. They have bought a roulette table, have fulfilled a technique and then played in Atlantic City. Similar methods are used till now. Sector Targeting, tracking, cloaking, the ballistic approach - only some names of similar methods. But it is possible to use not only the laws of mechanics describing movement of a wheel and a ball. The second important element of the system, against which the game goes is the croupier. Actions of the croupier: takes a ball, waits, while bets will be made, and then throws a ball. Recurrence of the same actions for a set of times results an automatism. Some croupiers, not understanding by themselves, do these actions all time in the same way. As a result, it is possible to predict where the ball will stop. This feature is called a "a croupier's signature" (dealer's signature).

There are methods how to search for such croupiers, to analyze their actions and to use advantage of their "signature". Casino staff, and the owners of a casino especially do not get tired to repeat that signature of the croupier " is only a myth, leisure inventions. Thus like to tell histories about "croupiers - snipers" (the croupier, which can throw out by order the necessary sector or even number (!!!)). But if there are "croupiers - snipers" it is possible to use their skills. Knowing their manner of conducting the game, psychology, we can define the " signature of the croupier ". Eventually it is possible to enter simply arrangement with "croupier - sniper" and to divide with him a prize

Management of a casino and manufacturers of the equipment are perfectly informed with similar methods and constantly fight with them. An interdiction on bets after a throw of a ball, an interdiction on use of mechanical methods of the increase in speed rotation rouylette wheel, change the construction of a wheel all these are used against players. But the opposition proceeds and probably we will see new methods of a prognosis the result of rotation of a roulette wheel
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