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Most of the people unequivocally associate casino with roulette. But roulette is only one of the set of games which are usually presented in a casino. It is possible to play black jack, craps, baccara, various kinds of poker, game automatic devices and other games in the internet casino. But all the same roulette is a queen of casino games.

One considers that game of roulette was invented in 1655 by Blass Pascal. Others consider that the roulette was invented by the French monk to brighten up boredom monastery life. Chinese are saying that the roulette has taken place from ancient Chinese game. Actually a game of roulette has been invented by russian prince Igor when he was in polovec captivity. There was noting to do in captivity and he invented this entertainment to have some fun :)

Is possible to win roulette or not?
"No" - claim one and give the most complicated theories why it is impossible,
"Yes" - claim others and give examples of systems with the help of which it is possible to make it.
This site is devoted to roulette game systems.
We will tell to you the rules of roulette and we will get you acquainted with the most popular roulette game systems including most frequently used -the progressive ones. We do not know whether such system was invented or not. You can also download roulette - the simplest version on our portal.

BUT before you play, please read the rest.
If you have forgotten how to play roulette - we will shortly remind game rules and the basic terms.
On our site you can see most popular types of roulette, include american roulette and european roulette. You can also try to play roulette online.

Internet casino roulette.

Many people start to play a roulette (especially in the online casinos) without any preparation. I want to have a good time... -that's what they tell friends and Some people are revising and trying to use the theory of probability in order to win and they lose as a result. It is necessary to know some game features, not only knowing rules and terms of the game. You need to define how much money you can lose, how much you want to win and how you will use your capital in the game process for successful game. That means that you have to financially plan your game. Then you need to chose what bets and on what you will do. You need a betting system. After all this you can go to casino. But don't forget: ''Loss is your payment for the passion, winning is the award".

Many confuse roulette game system to betting system. The good system includes the following moments:
- Betting System - calculation where to put and how many.
- Money management (Financial planning - Money Management System) - definition of the budget that is necessary for game, definition of money by the game sessions, ending of session | game at loss or a prize.
- Strategy (the control over own behavior). The last one is more likely general for game on any system, but thus it is necessary to understand the system of bets and money management, an understanding due to what a prize or loss occurs.

There are many legends about so called project "Roulette" in the internet, which costs $10, and to get rich inexpressibly and to become a Forex trader. We declare with all responsibility that it is nothing more than deceit

Roulette game systems - the skeptics opinion.

Systems, systems, systems: everyone wants the "good" mathematical system to win in roulette! Unfortunately, there are no "good" mathematical roulette game systems; there are only bad, very bad and disgusting roulette game systems. Roulette game system is the circuit according to which the size of the following bet is defined by what happened to previous bet. Increase after loss, increase after a prize, or some intricate method of tracking the sequences of losses or prizes in order to define the size of the following bet -is a system. At the bet on number the casino pays a prize 35 to 1, and there are 36 numbers and a zero. That means that you give a part of your prize to casino at winning. You do not pay anything from loss except for loss. If game was fair the casino would pay 36 to 1 at the bet on number. All "mathematical" systems will lose during long game due to advantage of a house (casino). Let's calculate the advantages of a house. Let's deduct a fair prize form a practical prize and multiply on probability of the number drop-out and multiply it by 100 to transform it to percents. So, we have:

[ 35/1 - 36/1] x 1/37 x 100 = -2.703 %, against the player.

Easier speaking if to close all numbers (including zero) on one chesspiece, you will lose 1 chesspiece anyway. For translation in percents we take the ratio of result to the bet amount and we multiply on 100. Result - minus 1 chesspiece, the bet of 37 chesspieces.

(-1) / 37 * 100% = -2.703%

Roulette game systems have been existing for hundreds of years. They did not work earlier and all of them do not work now. You can have series of small prizes. However, as you continue to play, catastrophic loss inevitably will happen: and if to you not lucky this disaster can take place at once!

It is necessary to keep in mind that the roulette has one advantage before the player - any betting system LOSES at a pretty long game. But the player has two advantages before roulette:
- The player can stop to play whenever he wants (if certainly he didn't lose everything up to copeck)
- The player can change the amount of bets (within the limits of a casino).
It is possible to get a stable income from the game of roulette using these two advantages But roulette game system has one drawback - it cannot provide a constant prize. It is necessary to be ready for this.

The good player is not the one who wins much but the one who loses a little.

We have tried to give as much as possible helpful information on a casino and gamblings on our site. We also tried to give descriptions of such games as the roulette and poker, to tell about a history of invention of a casino and game automatic devices

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