Casino - a history of development of gamblings in Russia            
Casino - a history of development of gamblings in Russia

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Casino - a history of development of gamblings in Russia

Certainly gamblings in Russia have appeared much earlier (basically the game in a bone) and have been brought by trading caravans from different countries, but more mass character and a mention in annals about gamblings on money concerns to 17th century. In one of the datums of the tsar Alexey Mihajlovich from 1649, in one of the chapters, there were lines concerning gamblings and players, about robbery and thieves' affairs

In that chapter it was recommended to beat players with a whip and to cut their hands and fingers for a card play in order other wouldn't do it. In the days of board of tsar Feodor Ioanovich,which was the son of Ivan Groznuy, playing cards were brought to Russia from Europe. In days of Peter I a number of decrees about punishment card players for gamblings by penalties and taxes has been issued for the benefit of the state. In one of Peter's I decrees it was forbidden to lose more ruble despite of the sanction to play cards in army and on the fleet.

In the days of board of empress Elizabeth, shortly before her death, the empereror decree about the division of card games on legal and illegal has been issued. Games that weren't allowed by the empress were:a tote on horse racing, ochko, orlianka, shtoss, the game of roulette, lottery. Preference, a bridge, whist got in the allowed list. It was permitted to play them in the houses of notable noblemen on small money for pastime.

After that workshops on manufacture of playing cards have appeared in Russia.
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At Ekaterinas II board gamblings became more popular and first casionos,in our understanding have appeared. Gambling's institutions taxes were sent for the benefit of educational houses. Also tables for a roulette and gamblings could be seen in many notable houses and halls of imperial palaces.

There are versions according to which, the roulette became and got famous with Turkish sultan Salem III from Russia in days of the war between Russia and Napoleon

With Bolsheviks' coming to power, after the Revolution of 1917, gambling houses and a casino have been forbidden. There was a criminal punishment for a number of card and others hazardous games on money . After disintegration of the USSR the first casinos have been again opened in Russia in 1990 in Moscow.
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