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Black Jack

Black Jack, Twenty one, "ochko" - all this names are of one old hazardous gambling, with differences, sometimes very small, in the rules of the game amount of cards in a playing pack or in the priority of cards by the points they correspond during the game of Black Jack. The most widespread name of these gamblings (due to a casino) is Black Jack in the world now. In Russia, likely, names of the game "ochko" and "Black Jack" equally popularly.

Black Jack, Twenty one, ochko

There are many legends and conjectures about a history of creation of this gambling, ostensibly there were mentions about game of Black Jack in one of the Directories of America of 1875 about hussars playing Black Jack during the war of 1812, having learned it from the captured Frenchmen, that the game of
Black Jack was invented by convicts . One is precisely known is that in modern dictionaries gamblings, prototypes of Black Jack, are in English, Russian and the French languages.
twenty-one - the English name
vingt-et-un - the French name
vingt-un - the out-of-date French name of same gambling
pontoon - the English name
black jack - the English name
Russian names - Black Jack, ochko, twenty one - that are well familiar to us

Black Jack

In the 20-th century, due to efforts of mathematicians and programmers (later) gambling in Black Jack has received the greatest popularity and fame as Black Jack is the basic game of a casino where advantage at certain cards layout is on the player's side according to the calculations of mathematicians and programmers, you can read about it in the Strategy of Black Jack in more details. According to an our days legend programmers of IBM company have counted a strategy which results in a prize of Black Jack game at a casino and thousands of people in America having heard about system of an absolute winning from friends, cheap papers have gone to the casinos of capital of America's gamblings -Las-Vegas for success. Nowadays it is possible to play the game of Black Jack practically in all casinos of the world.

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